Protect vStor replication snapshots against ransomware.

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As a user I would like to protect a vStor replication snapshot/relationship from being removed automatically when the snapshot expires so that the data in the replicated snapshot can be protected for legal, compliance reasons, or against cyber-crime related activities.

Acceptance Criteria
• Provide an option when replicating vStor snapshots that the snapshot is not automatically cleaned up when primary snapshot expires
• Clearly indicate why the snapshot was not removed in snapshot list ( e.g readonly, legalhold)
• Provide ability to set a custom retention time for replicated snapshots and clearly indicate the retention time in the snapshot

Example: there should be NO way to delete the replicated data – whatever the attacker does. A valid way will be S3 Interface with Object lock (or vStor Replication) AND no access for users hardening the appliance or access to this settings only from Catalogic- or Partner-Support to the “at rest” Replicas.

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Comments: 0