Our Customers Have Made These Suggestions for Improving Catalogic DPX.

Enter your DPX ideas or feature requests here and vote for suggestions that other users have made. Please be sure to add the reason why you need the feature and if you can add an example of why you need, it all the better. This area is specifically for Catalogic DPX.

Add Support for S3 Object Lock

Add Support for AWS and MINIO S3 to use these storage services as an (LTO) Tape replacement. As more an more customers don't like tape-librarys they want to use ...
Suggested by: Thomas Bargfrede (05 Oct, '20) Upvoted: 23 Aug, '21 Comments: 0

Allow searching knowledge base directly from job logs view in DPX UI.

To enhance usability and the end user experience with DPX message codes in job logs should be hyperlinked to KB articles for each message code to allow end users to ...
Suggested by: William Bush (17 Jun, '20) Upvoted: 11 Feb, '21 Comments: 0

Tape media folder access via folder by folder and file size

As a new user to Catalogic DPX, i would like to suggest to your development team to make user can view tape media folder access (folder by folder) and also display ...
Suggested by: UniMAP Backup Admin (18 Feb) Upvoted: 18 Feb Comments: 1